27 January 2010

A Slice of American Pie

Cookery Book Supper Club - 26/01/10

We kicked off our cookery book supper club meetings with Jamie's America. There really is more to American food than burgers and super-sized portions!

Jamie's America is unlike any of his other books. It takes the reader on a road trip across America; learning about the people, the places, the ways of life, the heritage and that which brings them all together - the food.

The stories about his trip and the people he met along the way as well as the little snippets of background to the dishes, which have become his hallmark, are interesting and the photography inspiring.

If you watched the accompanying TV series, you'll be pleased to hear that the book contains all the recipes from the series and more.

One word of warning though - much of the food is not what you'd want to be cooking every night after work, but if you fancy splashing out at the weekend you won't be disappointed.

The food

Humbled by the respect the indigenous people have for the earth and the principles by which they live, Angie chose our main dish from the Navajo section of the book.

Epic Churro Lamb - tender leg of lamb simply roasted with a rub of garlic, juniper and spring onions. This was served with a warming salsa, white beans and tortillas. Simply delicious and perfect for a different take on your Sunday lunch.

We also tucked into a crisp side salad - a take on the Waldorf - and, for dessert, not just any lime and coconut cheesecake - topped with meringue no less!

Tried and tested

Other tried, tested and recommended dishes from the book:

  • Southern sausage stew - a hit with the Diner regulars
  • Best baked beans - Heinz have competition!
  • Green chilli - fresh, light and unusual - helped along with a teaspoon of cumin
  • Chocolate velvet cupcakes - it's chocolate - where can you go wrong?!
You may have missed the meeting but it's not too late to share your thoughts on the book and to recommend any dishes you've tried...

20 January 2010

January's Book of the Month: Jamie's America

For the first meeting I have selected Jamie's America, partly because being based in an iconic American Airstream van it seemed the perfect choice, but also as a recent bestseller I thought it would be likely that quite a few people had it.


18 January 2010

Cookery Book Supper Club

If you really enjoy cookery books and want to share that passion with others, why not join our book club? Each month we will discuss a different cookery book, sample some dishes, share successes and, if necessary, discuss disasters!

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month from 7.30 to 9.00 pm in the Diner at the Paintworks.

We'll provide the main dish and refreshments but why not bring along a taster (maybe a starter, a side dish or dessert) to share with us?

To help cover costs, we ask that you pay £5 if you bring a dish or £10 if you don't.

If you'd like to join us, email us at angiesdiner@googlemail.com

Look forward to seeing you!